The Issue with Lingerie

I’ll admit it.

I once spent thirty minutes trolling on Bras n Things, Cotton On Body, and, regrettably, Honey Bidet.

All it did was make me feel vaguely ill and confused.

The thing is some of it is actually quite cute. I’m up for lace and frills and pastel colours and sparkly things. Navy and white stripes with red bows? Cute! It’s just I’m used to seeing these favourite fashion features on, well, clothing. And it was upon messaging the best friend with images of some of these pieces that I came to a startling conclusion that I’m sure many other women have come to before me:

Lingerie is too fucking expensive considering it is clothing that you literally wear for five minutes before it is taken off.

I am NOT up for paying in excess of $150 for something satiny and tight and possibly shiny that is specifically designed to be taken off. There are some instances where yeah, you could keep it on, maybe the bra and the like, garter looking things, and if you’re really game I guess the corsets (but good luck breathing!) but… that’s so much money. For so little fabric.

I understand the appeal of dressing up, I guess it’s the same reason why girls wear heels when they go out, why we all can be partial to something diamond-looking and sparkly, why we like to wear make up to weddings and things; dressing up is fun! It adds to the occasion! It makes it a bit more special!

It’s just the clips and hooks and ribbons and bows and straps and boning and things that are meant to ‘make you feel sexy under your clothes’, or ‘empower you’… Don’t quite do it for me. At least not as much as a fresh hair cut, nice make up, a cute new dress (that didn’t really need to be bought but was bought anyway) and new shoes (again, wasn’t entirely necessary, but bought anyhow).

And luckily I have the boy who thinks along similar lines… in that he’d rather that $150 plus amount go towards dinners, trips, parties, petrol, and not to spandex, latex and triple X.

Now don’t get me wrong; wearing a matching set of a bra and undies EMPOWERS ME because it means I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER ENOUGH to MATCH my undergarments. This is a RARITY. As in, fairly rarely do I get my shit together well enough for things (not including underwear) to match up nicely. Even more so when your undergarments match your outer-garments. Talk about blissful… however what is also blissful is taking that bra off at the end of the day, throwing on one of his old, soft t-shirts and climbing into bed.

Really what are we paying for? Aside from the fabric, manufacturing, and shipping costs? Is it empowering? Is that really what needs to happen for… things to happen? It’s all right if it is, more power to ya, I’m not saying or trying to shame you for it, but I’m just wondering if we’re paying for sexy lingerie or if we’re paying for an idea. Are we paying for what others think it means to be sexy? Are we paying for one specific gender’s idea of sexy *cough cough PATRIARCHY cough cough*? Are we paying for the idea of how we’re meant to perform as sexy women?

I don’t know.

All I know is that my Bonds undies and my push up bra are good enough for now.  And I have a very dedicated, kind best friend who will smack me across the head if I ever dare to send her links to corsets and garters and thigh highs costing more than my week’s wages again.