Sexism 2013: A Rhyming Rant

robin thicke

Trigger Warning: Rape and sexual references.

Robin Thicke’s big dick
Tearing your arse in two
Just let me liberate you!
Mixed signs
Blurred lines,
Inequality of nudity,
You know you want it!

Julia Gillard, the ‘snarling’ female,
The Kentucky fried quail,
With the big arse,
A political farce.
Stop destroying the joint!
Make an honest woman of yourself!
Or you’ll be on the shelf.
The hag should die in a chaff bag,
Throw her out to sea!
Long live the patriarchy!

Equating rape to Obamacare.
Wearing a dress! That’s gay!
It’s not rape if it’s my birthday.
American Apparel photoshoots,
Women gagged in car boots.
Wendy Davis is ‘Abortion Barbie’
Hilary Clinton is a shrill harpie.

Steubenville rape,
Caught on videotape.
16 years old, out cold,
Penetrated and violated.
Tweets and high school athletes
Victim blaming and shaming.
‘I’m not saying she asked for it, but..’
‘Why was she drinking, that little slut?’
‘The raped her harder,
Than that cop raped Marcellus Wallace
In Pulp Fiction’
Why was she at the party?
Why wasn’t she in the kitchen?
Internet troll,
‘You can’t sleep through a wang in the butthole.’

Stop your neurotic rhetoric!
You Femenazi’s ruining the fun!
Full body contact never hurt anyone!
Tony’s one woman cabinet,
You know you want it!
Vaginas are a political agenda,
Unreceptive to contraceptives,
Only women of worth,
Should give birth.
Fiona Scott is sexually appealing,
We can’t deny the glass ceiling.