the 0608 service to melbourne

just and another are such arseholes when they hang out together,

shrinking people with their tongues

(this morning i helped them

shrink everyone in this carriage)


i wait for one hour and twenty minutes

before looking at the face of the person sitting next to me

and then the moustache is a surprise


an assortment of daydreams had:

one: me performing Arctic Monkeys songs while looking very attractive,
having written all the lyrics myself

two: people saying “you’re doing such a good job”
while looking directly at my eyes

three: me aggressively vandalising the train carriage
with a big hammer and some yelling


i pull out my notes from monday’s lecture:

fruit (bananas!)
vegies (pasta, fried rice)
breakfast toast


if a cartoonist drew me right now

my head would be in its own thought bubble

maybe it lives there

maybe that’s why sometimes it’s a bit hard

to get air in and out of my face without thinking about it