Chinese Takeaway

He makes jokes about
airplane jelly
Drool flecks
The corner of his mouth
Clawed hands
Scuttle across
the vast expanse
Of laminated menus
Leaving streaks
of grime

A duck carcass
Hangs from the ceiling
Hollowed out flesh
Grisly and grey

We’ll have the existential special.
With a side of fries?
Yes &
we’d like to Supersize.

He crucifies his
crab with
The jellyfish
writhes on my plate
Pulsating &

Self conscious
Billie Holiday monosyllables
Roll from
His barnacled tongue

We dance the shuffle
(Off your mortal coil)

We fuck in the alleyway
To the sound of Barry Manilow
playing in the dive bar
The look your heart can’t disguise…

The tattoo on his thighs
‘Tempus Fugit’
Time flies.

I don’t come.