Rhea is a serial drooler/pug enthusiast. Pugs reduce her to a gibbering mess. If you ever want to make Rhea happy, get her a lifesized cutout of Jermaine Clement. She will make it pose in sensual positions.

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Caitlin has a fascination with horror, a horror of birds, and the burden of perfectionism. She writes poetry, short fiction and memoir, and her work has been/will soon be published by The Lifted Brow, Scum Mag, The Bohemyth, Talking Soup, Alien She Zine and Pouch Mag. 

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Vee is a keen penguin enthusiast who has an addiction to marzipan and period dramas. She also likes thinking up quirky one line introductions, that show her off as so alty darling, to hide the fact she is actually very boring.

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Bronte is an Arts student about to finish a Bachelor degree majoring in all things literature and all things ancient and awesome. Currently working in the fashion game helping girls and women find outfits that make them feel amazing. Aspiring ancient worlds’ expert/literature professor/author/stylist/Labrador. A big fan of The Killers, Shakespeare, Homer, Keats, Blake and Rowling; will go to great lengths theorising the Harry Potter series if allowed.

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Amelia has a thing for gingers, thinks her dog is the most beautiful thing to have ever existed and is typically so opinionated and chatty that you can’t get a word in edgeways. In her spare time she plays the piano (badly), eats (a lot), devours any book (so long as it’s got a juicy storyline) and deliberately annoys her ginger boyfriend.

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Lenny is a mathematics major who never let ignorance prevent him from forming an incomplete and biased opinion. You probably won’t learn anything from his rants, but at least you’ll be able to satisfy your boredom for a few minutes.

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Sarah likes bad nineties music, making people feel awkward when she asks to hug their dogs on the street, and dead writers. She is still trying to live down the shame of spelling “especially” wrong in a spelling test in grade four.


Chabel is a chocolate bear with a caffeine addiction and a large collection of black T-Shirts. He currently studies Philosophy and in his spare time he enjoys hipster-watching and drinking scotch.


Cathleen is your typical twenty-something. She spends most of her time on the internet in an attempt to fill the emptiness inside her with relatable quotes from people much funnier and more successful that her. Despite appearances she is relatively well adjusted. You can listen to her complain in real time on twitter!: @catsspace


Kim Ho is the kind of overeager Arts student that does all the required AND recommended readings. He loves theatre and film, and is currently working on a play. He basically knows nothing about anything so he’s learnt to listen a lot. But occasionally he rants.